Covering an area of 8000 square meters, production area of 5300 square meters, ZHONGSHAN FUNS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD founded in September 2010, is located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province. FUNS® is professional in R&D non-standard industrial equipment, refrigeerator evaporator and pipelines processing machine, air-conditioning heat exchangers (condenser, evaporator) processing machine, processing automation equipments of air-conditioner tube and valve, electronics, water heaters, furniture, automobiles.

FUNS® owns a competitive CNC machining center with various processing equipments suitable for turning, milling, grinding, wire cutting etc.; FUNS® has built a powerful and professional R&D engineering team with 20 engineers and technicians specialized in machinery and electrical control design, which can customize any special types of machine as per customer’s requirement. And FUNS® products are always with excellent performance, convenient and humanized operating characteristics, which is in favor among customers. FUNS® has been successful in customizing special equipments for enterprises both home and abroad. FUNS® annual value can reach 150 million.

FUNS® is booming up, full of vitality and vigor. Constantly dedicate and perfect in strengthening manufacturing capabilities and improving levels of automatic equipments both in China and international markets--- to face the world, to lead the trend.

Main clients:  DALKLN, Carri, Gree, LG, okayama seiko, Jiangsu Feng-Run Electric Group, Homa, SATO, as well as other domestic automotive, air conditioning factories and overseas refrigeration manufacturers.

Main products scopes:


1.   Non-standard smart devices, manipulator, lifting appliances , electronics and LED industrial automation equipments.

2.   Pipe processing equipments: CNC pipe bender, pipe end forming machine, coil straightening cutting machine, CNC spinning machine, CNC punching and flanging machine, sealing machine, etc.

3.   Equipments of air-conditioning heat exchanger: evaporator bending machine, condenser bending machine, evaporator cutting machine, long U-shape pipe bender, small U tube bending machine, automatic small U tube jacketing machine and cleaning machine, automatic filter screen forming machine, automatic glasses tube machine, vertical non shrinkage expanding machine, etc.

4.   Other kinds of non-standard automation equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.


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