Name:Automatic long U bender SKCU9.52-8/1300


  •  Product Name: Fully Automatic Long U Tube Bending Machine
  •  Application: used for decoiling, straightening, chipless cutting and bending coil tubes into special U tube; it is also called Hairpin Machine due to its similar appearance; it is mainly applied for the automatic production of evaporator and condenser of air conditioning.
  •  Main Technical Parameters: SKCU7-8/1300-M1



Processing materials


red copper (coil tube) ally grade: TP2 (soft) (conform to GB8895-88)

copper tube OD & wall thickness

smooth inner tube

Ф5-Ф9.52mm, wall thickness mm

inner screw tube

Ф5-Ф9.52mm, wall thickness mm     

coil tube weight

Max. total weight: 180Kg (wooden frame) ; 120Kg(paperboard panel)

coil tube dimensions

frame OD: Ф10001100mm;frame CB: Ф130mm

frame space:W250340mm

Processing capacity

bending qty each time


bending R.

ф7CTC21mm Φ9.52   CTC25.4mm

processing length


efficiency (single cyle)

L 300 t < 8s; L 800 t < 12s; L 2500 t < 24s

Processing quality

length accuracy

L< 800: ±0.5; L800: ±0.8

length ends difference

less than 1.0mm

straightness accuracy

L=1000, bend less than 3mm

bend flatness ratio

less than 15

bend thinning rate

less than 30

U tube space

tube centre size deviation: ±0.1mm, measurement of bending centre distance: less than 14mm


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