Name:CNC automatic Sheet-punching Expander SKCP8-14*3/600


  • Product Name: Automatic Horizontal One Side Sheet-Punching Machine
  • Application: used for manufacturing exchangers of refrigerators. Operation process: a servo motro and a suction cup select & insert fins automaticaly; hydraulic punch and make aluminum pipes and the fins fit together closely so as to maximize the efficiency of the exchanger.
  • Main Technical Parameters:

      Model No.:SKCP8-14*3/600

  1. Sheet-punching capacity:  100mm600 mm
  2. Aluminum pipe diameter:  Ф8mm
  3. Numbers of exchanger rows:  2 rows (sheet width 50mm, 60mm)/ 3 rows (sheet width 75mm)
  4. Numbers of holes each row: 14 holes + 2  half-holes
  5. Pitch of holes:  38.1 mm
  6. Pitch of rows:  22 mm
  7. Sheet-punching method:  hydraulic
  8. Sheet-punching speed:  400MM/S, return stroke 400MM/S
  9. Oil pump model:  VPVC-F40-A2-02
  10. Oil pump motor:  5HP 4P
  11. Sheet-inserting method:  servo
  12. Control power supply:  24V
  13. Hydraulic system pressure:  57mpa
  14. Air supply pressure:   0.50.7mpa (to ensure pressure steady, the machine is equipped with independent supercharge system )
  15. Operating speed:  around 2-3s/sheet (excluding sheet feeding)
  16. Dimensions: 10000mm(L)×1200mm(W)×1500mm(H)
  17. Total weight:  around 1.5 tons(t)

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